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Are you keen to learn more about Pacific histories? Don’t have time, energy or resources to get along to a university history course?

You can access lectures, webinars, a community of history-enthusiasts for a fraction of the cost of a university degree.

Let’s explore some of the big questions about Pacific history…

Need a better grasp on treaty making in colonial contexts?

Want to know more about the ways in which Pacific countries gained independence?

How can we use history in the present?

You may be struggling to figure out the politics and read the play at work or while travelling. Getting a handle of the history of the Pacific can help a great deal in navigating a wide range of situations. Get informed before you go, or learn in situ!

With an understanding of the past, you will be able to better understand power dynamics, political movements, economic disparity. This can help with relationship building and policy development.

At the moment there are very few Pacific history courses being offered in universities. Some of you may have taken a different course and not managed to take history as an elective. You can complete this course from anywhere, at your own pace, with lifetime access.

You may be a community-based historian who want to expand their engagement with academic history. Come and join the conversation – there will be opportunities to share your knowledge and get assistance with your own writing and research.

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Courses are taught by Dr Kirstie Close, who has taught at some of Australia’s leading universities, as well as University of the South Pacific (Fiji) and the Pacific Adventist University (Papua New Guinea). She is the author of A Mission Divided: Race, culture and colonialism in Fiji’s Methodist Mission. She has also worked for the Guardian and the ABC.